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Heavy Rains
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What are you using to protect yourself from Electro Magnetic Fields! I find it really easy to get brain fog when surrounded by too much technologic energies!

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I have three salt lamps in my home.  In the living room, kitchen and my bedroom.   Even though I don't have in scientific data to offer you in how well they work but they seem to do a pretty good job.   

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yeah emf is a big thing.   I had a wireless router in the room directly behind my bed up on the wall and I got diagnosed with an immune disorder called Sjogren's syndrome .  I didn't connect the two until I learned that the body regenerates itself whenwe sleep  and that EMF can get in the way of that big time.   I would suggest not having your cell phone or any Wi-Fi on in your bedroom especially when you go to sleep.   I know so many people who sleep with their cell phones under their pillow and I'm sure that can't be good.   also make sure to turn off your Wi-Fi on your cell phone because it still searches for a signal when it switched on even if there is enough signal.   anyway that's what I do but again a lot of people think it's crazy and I guess it's an individual thing and that's OK  but there has been a lot of study about this and I guess I recognize it from the movie Lucy where she was able to see all the signals come to everybody's heads and what it actually probably really looks like and it got me to thinking .   that is an awesome movie by the way...

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