while meditating...

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Kimberly Mayer
3 years ago
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while meditating a part of me can feel very relax and light, but the other part of me gets surges of anxiety. is this normal? also when i meditate i get a lot of pictures that flash through my head, i feel like its important and i try to pay attention to it, but it always move so fast that i can never quite interpret them well enough. does anyone know a way to slow the images down or to slow my mind down while i'm meditating?
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3 years ago
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Most people have that problem with thoughts and images at first. Just keep working on letting go. Sometimes it helps to not expect anything at all. Just watch your breath, let go of the past and future. Focus on the present moment and being in the now. Sometimes you can try too hard. Keep at it. You can get lots of tips at the beginning of the talks here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDlTfbz0UtvJWNNQ22O8P7Q

3 years ago
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Kimberly, you images you see while you meditate is called Clairvoyance. Alot of us Psychic's have that ability. Keepworking at it and enjoy your journey.

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