seeing colors while meditating

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2 years ago
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I usually have a really hard time meditating. I have tried many different methods. Using a candle seems to be my easiest way. Last time I meditated I was engulfed in violet color with pulses of gold starting from the outside and working in until they dissapeared. Usually when I meditate I get headaches in the middle of my head. This was one of the first times I did not get a headache and my body felt like lead. Did I finally have a breakthrough and do it right!? Does anyon have any take on the colors. I have done some research, but any input would be great. Thanks!

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2 years ago
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I see colors and and visions while meditating . Visions that don't make sense. Someone told me when I see them to just glance at them but don't get caught up in them. I'm getting better at staying focus while mediating. I have read the colors are the colors of the different charkas. I'm not an expert though. Just trying to educate myself a little. I have trouble with the white light. I cannot see a white light when I'm meditating. I guess it will happen in time. I have questions like you do.

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