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3 years ago
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A monk I listen to has started a page with a tracker for your meditation. I think it will help with sticking to the commitment to meditate. When you sign in, you first make a commitment for a certain amount of time each day and it keeps track for you. He also has a short talk every evening at 9 during which you can ask questions. His name is Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu. He's a young monk who used to be a punk rocker. He's currently trying to get a monastery of some type in Canada, near McMaster's University and is the most tech savy monk (I think) on the planet.

Some of you might like to check it out. You don't have to be Buddhist.

The meditation page:

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3 years ago
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I think I will check into it. I think healthy competition is encouraging , even when it's with yourself. Thanks.

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