Dizziness & Headaches

5 years ago
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I have been experiencing headaches when I do any sort of energy work and meditation. On top of that, I get dizzy the deeper into meditation I get. Sometimes it gets so distracting and even nauseating that I will just stop and walk around to find my bearings again.

Has anyone else had this experience or know what I should do to help?

Could it be a grounding issue?

Any thoughts appreciated!

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4 years ago
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I am told that the resulting headache is a signal that you are activating parts of the brain that were idle, so to speak (or not previously activated).

If the headaches are bothersome, you need to ease back and proceed more gradually. Take more breaks between the meditations or don't stay with it as long. Eventually, you will be able to proceed or go longer.

The dizziness is due to your ability to perceive things in other than our usual three dimensions.

4 years ago
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Last time I meditated and went deep, I was a bit dizzy when I came out. Maybe i was not fully grounded, maybe I came out of it too fast. There has to be a transition time from that to this reality. I know what you mean. I just don;t know what it is because I am not really a meditator.

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