4 years ago
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Thanks Aryi. I have gotten pretty good with a pendulum. But beware when dealing with people as choices can muddle up things. I make pendulums out of just about anything. I hope to get good enough without one. I also am interested in reading Akashic records. I understand as we get higher in freq by the shift this will be a common occurrence as now it being blocked by the grid that is being dismantled. Yep, Trevor is a great guy to be friends with.

3 years ago
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For all of us from the Pleiades and the Orion sector. We are here to help and already have changed the original time line. BIG things are coming into this world this year. I bet that you have felt the new energy since the start of this year. Visit 1111Angels at YouTube for some great meditation ideas and insights from the many hours of videos. Lots of relaxing music as well under Liquid Mind.

Throw some love into the wind.


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