21-Day Meditation Challenge w. Deepak & Oprah

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4 years ago
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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to start a thread today for all of us that have accepted the meditation challenge! I am every excited for this one, it has come at a perfect time for me personally. The last one really got me pumped and meditating everyday but then.. life took over once more. So here I am ready to start anew!

It is day 1 and I am off to start this so I will write again soon!

Please feel free to share any insights, thoughts, concerns, experiences, etc. through out this journey.

Love and Light <3

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4 years ago
84 posts

Wow. What is it that makes these guides such a powerful meditation. Perhaps its the large number of people doing it together and feeling the ease of lives instead of hustle and bustle. Maybe Deepaks soothing melodious voice? Or just hearing someone else say to me things that I am discovering on my own, gives it a tangible truth to help our minds grasp that it is Truth, it is!

I should be sleeping at this hour but I just had such a great experience I wanted to share highlights of my journaling (which is where I really feel connected).

Who Am I?

Ah, here we are again. The last time I asked myself this I was in a place of confusion. Now, I feel more in tuned with my Self than ever. The anxiety, worry and fear are losing their grip on me. I still feel these illusions, I am in no way perfect, but I accept where I am, I accept my Light and my Dark. The make me my unique experience here at Earth School. My body and mind are making their way in alignment with my spirit and it is an amazing feeling. To think this is just the beginning! Only 6 months ago was I still feeling that empty spot in my stomach, confusion, and negativity towards the world. I can't even fathom what the next 60+ years will be like!

What an abundance of blessings to be experiencing this. We get to wake up and see the Truth before many others do. To help them see and show them that is it wonderful and not scary at all! The element of surprise, who will wake up in this lifetime? When? How can I assist?

We are all in this together. I believe as empaths we have an extraordinary gift to share in this awakening process. When you are on your Divine Path, each move you take has an influence.

Be Who You Are.

Shine your Light.


We Are destined for divinity.

And we freakin' rock!!!

Love to you all! Can't wait for tomorrow!

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