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Jet absorbs negative, black tourmaline, amethyst, clear cyrystal quartz, and any stone that you find feels really good, will work. Get a thumb stone if you have time, as our hands are a kind of conduit for energy...especially the thumb and finger tips.

Not sure what the event is, but look at a color therapy site and find some color you believe will off set the mood you expect aimed at you, and wear colors that incite respect and love. Also take a peek at essential oils...you'd be surprised what these can do. Listen to lots of "upbeat" or happy music and even watch some comedies to raise your own vibrations before the event, as laughter is really one of the best mood elevaters. Change your mind set to expect something good from this event, even if it's a funeral. Visualize yourself in a warm protective bubble, then walk into the event like ya own the place and expect everyone to worship the ground you walk on....'-). If they behave badly towards you, take a breath, smile, and respond with kindness. Then simply walk away from them.

Best of Luck!


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