What do you guys think about Red Jasper?

3 years ago
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For years, Lapis Lazuli was my main gemstone because besides helping me with studies, it also boosts up my abilities when I used it. During that time, my favorite color was blue.

I am also able to connect with my past life and the language from it.

Early this year, physically I need more energy and gradually my favorite color changed to red...and my main gemstone became Red Jasper, but when it comes to examination, I'll use Lapis Lazuli.

I think Red Jasper suits me because I love performing arts especially acting, dancing, and singing...and I read that Red Jasper is known as the stone of actors/actress and all related to performing arts pertaining to the audience.

I wear the common reddish brown color of Red Jasper and color seems to change from time to time, such as redder or lighter.

In my experience, red jasper and lapis lazuli are one of the two opposites such as body/mind and fire/water.

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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
3 years ago
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I recommend Red Jasper to people who are looking for a protection stone because in Ancient times it was referred to as the Warrior Stones (in some cultures it still is.)

It was given to policemen, fireman, warriors. ems, military, etc.

It is also one of the main stones used by AA for assisting in sobriety because it stablizes mood & assists with courage, as well as, protection.

If you are comfortable with the stone then I say to use it.

Best wishes

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