Stones & Crystals not to use in Gem Essences or Elixirs

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There are many crystals that shouldneverbe used to make elixirs. The basic rule of thumb is that any stone containing metals should not be used. This includes most brightly colored blue and green stones as these often take their coloring from metals, and metals can be toxic in humans. Water leaches the toxins from the stone, which would then be ingested by you. Also avoid any shiny, metal-like stones because most metals are toxic to humans.

Please refer to the list below when making an elixir to insure that you donotselect a stone that can cause you harm. If you have any doubt donotuse the crystal. There are always other crystals thatpossess the same therapeutic and metaphysical properties as the ones below that are safe to use.

Amazonite - Copper

Antimonite - Lead

Atacamite - Copper

Auricalcite - Zinc and Copper

Azurite - Copper

Barite - Lead, Zinc, and Barium

Boji Stones - Sulfur

Bronchantite - Copper

Chalcantite - Copper

Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone) - Copper and Sulphur

Cinnabar - Mercury and Quicksilver

Conichalcite - Copper

Copper - Poisonous

Chrysocolla (Venus Stone) - Copper

Cuprite - Copper

Dioptase - Copper

Gem Silica - Copper

Galena/Galenite - Lead (almost 90%)

Garnierite (Genthite/Falcondoite) - Nickel

Halite - Not suitable, as it will dissolve in water

Hematite - Not suitable, as it will rust in water

Lapis Lazuli - The Pyrite inclusions contain Sulfur

Magnetite - Not suitable, as it will rust in water

Malachite - Poisonous

Markasite - Sulfur

Mohawkite - Copper and Arsenic

Psilomelane - Barium

Pyrite (Fool's Gold/Inca Gold) - Sulfur

Quantum Quattro Silica - Copper

Realgar - Sulfur and Arsenic

Stibnite - Lead

Smithsonite (Galmei/Zinc Spar) - Zinc and Copper

Ulexite - Not suitable, as the stone will lose its luster in water, asbestos

Vanadanite - Lead

Wulfenite - Lead and Molybdenum

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Note from Josette: I highly recommend the following PDF as it gives you information about particular

stones and various methods of preparation & use. As well as, various resources to where the information was found:


Orpiment Due to the softness of orpiment, the preparation of an elixir via the normal
method is not recommended (Love is in the Earth - Updated 464). Do not use
this mineral in any elixir.
An arsenic (Jentoft). Do not use this mineral in any elixir.
Never Use (Lilly 34). Do not use this mineral in any elixir.
Orpiment is poisonous to touch and gives off arsenic vapors, so should never be
used (Lilly 122).
It is vitally important to make sure that the stone is not ingested. Orpiment
contains the poison arsenic and must never be taken internally! (Peschek-
Bhmer 218).
All Orpiment in the various shades of yellow contain poisonous arsenic and is
therefore very dangerous. Used externally, it is completely safe (Peschek-
Bhmer 219). I am not sure whether or not Orpiment is safe to use externally
since there are contradictory statements given by different authors on this matter.
To be safe, always wash hands thoroughly after handling and NEVER use
Orpiment contains Arsenic, so please wash hands thoroughly after handling.

Osarizawaite Do not prepare an elixir via the normal method (Supplement Z 209).

Psilomelane Poisonous (barium) (Jentoft). This mineral should only be used in an
elixir prepared via the alternative method of preparation.
Toxic or harmful stone. Contains barium (Harton).
Do not use for internal use. Contains barium (Sullivan).

Toxic Stones & Elixir Caution List ~This is a Free PDF File Currently Listing 35 Pages

of Stones & Crystal that when made into an essence or elixir are toxic


I am sure that there are other stones & crystals out there, but these

are the ones I have information for.I hope this information helps.

Have a great week,


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