Seriphos Green Quartz (Prasem)

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Crystals Measures approx.:

1 1/4" T x 5/8" W approx.

From: Greece

Seriphos Green Quartz(Prasem) is a very rare form of quartz from Seriphos a Greek Island.

A very intense and spiritual meditation tool which works actively on our Higher Chakras.

Seriphos Green Quartz is unique not only for its coloring, which ranges from pale green to a deep Spinach Colour.

It also grows in odd and unusual shapes which suggest plant life more than crystals.

The Seriphos Green Quartz Crystals emanate a most Heavenly Energy.

However they are not like other stones that vibrate with the Higher Plane Angelic Energies.

Seriphos Green Quartz is the mineral equivalent of wheatgrass juice or a good herbal tonic. It helps the user or wearer to be grounded in the best possible way through love for the material world and one's place within it. It reminds us that we too are blooms brought forth from the womb of the fertile earth, and our experience of life can be exquisite, when we bring our attention to its beauty and pleasure.

Seriphos Green Quartz is an ideal companion for out of doors meditation, hiking or other activities that connect us with the natural world. Wearing or carrying it when outdoors helps one see and appreciate the beauties of the living world, from the majestic sea and the silent forests, to the weed growing between the cracks in the pavement. These stones are particularly helpful to those who feel uncomfortable in their bodies, or are distressed at the hardships of life on earth. Just holding or looking at one of these stones themselves can bring a softening of sharp edges of ones stress. Meditation with seriphos green quartz can help one attain the insights that we are here of our own choosing, and that our choice was good.

Seriphos Green Quartz harmonizes well with Moldavite, Phenacite, Azeztulite and Amethyst.

from "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons & Niasha






Location of deposit:
Avessalos, Seriphos Island, Greece
Description:As beautiful as it is rare, Seriphos Crystals have a leafy green colouring that deepens towards the base, with fine, leafy grained, tessin habit, perfect terminations are just magic!
Seriphos prasem is most often coloured by the presence of Hedenbergite during the process of crystal formation and usually demonstrates a tessin habit of growth whereas the outer layer of crystals curve upward into a common point of termination.
It's one of the most uniquely beautiful varieties of quartz in the world and ranges in colour from light to medium into darker shades of green!
The crystals are often compared to leaves or leafy stalks, and in Greece they were originally called "leek" quartz (like the green stalky onion variety) which was translated from Greek into "prase" or green, then into "prasem".
Prior to the current ban on mining by the Greek Government the crystals were harvested from shallow ocean outcrops during low tide. They grow in finely grained plant like clusters, often with a stringy white fibrous actinolite matrix or on multi-colored rocky skarn, and quite frequently the matrix and occasionally the crystals have black hematite rosette attachments. The individual crystals are usually broken off to be sold singly, as the harvesting of clusters is difficult and time consuming, so complete matrix clusters are rare.
With the current ban on mining, Seriphos prasem is becoming more scarce every day.
This magnificent crystal is a subtle mossy green, with an intact termination and a lovely sheen. It has tiny little branches around its sides!
A rare and beautiful find!
Archangel Raphael is associated with Seriphos Quartz! Whom God Heals. He can help heal your body, mind, heart and spirit. He can effect miraculous healing for your loved ones. He helps with healthy eating and enjoyable exercise. Raphael will direct you to positive life-style changes, that suite your needs, as a step towards the other good things you want in your life.
He is a patron of anyone in healthcare, traditional and alternative. He helps with clairvoyance and intuitive healing work. Call on him to enhance energy healing sessions and medical intuition.
In spiritual truth, you are all already healed, healthy and whole. Raphael helps heal by reminding you to see yourself and your loved ones as already healed. As guardian of Earthly well-being, Raphael can guide and protect you in your earthly travels.
Call upon him for smooth, safe and comfortable travel, every step along the way. He radiates an emerald green colour. He is famous for answering prayers by dropping books that he wants you to read!
Size:42mm x 7mm x 7mm
Weight:3 grams ( 0.11 ounces )
Metaphysical Properties:A cluster is a group of crystals that grow together, often on a matrix base.
Clusters symbolise community and promote harmony, balance, friendship and group/familial cooperation. They can both transmit and receive energy.
Clusters remove negativity from their environment because of their multiple points, so they are excellent to place in your healing space, office or home.
Clusters can be used to charge and to cleanse other crystals by placing them carefully upon the cluster.
Seriphos Green Quartz is a wonderful, love filled and abundant energy that instills us with the awareness of Heaven present, right here and right now, surrounding us... that we only have to be present to see it... it is not an after life promise, but a gift here and now.
This amazing energy provides vitality and helps us love our lives and our place in the world. It brings our attention to beauty and that which is pleasurable and brings us joy. It helps us connect to nature and see the magnificence that shines there.
It helps us feel good about our choices and to move towards choices that make us feel good, so we can truly enjoy our time here.
A powerful crystal of psychic insight, prophecy, and abundance. It assists in the healing of eyesight and speech impediments. Seriphos Quartz can sedate the heart and minds turmoil, bringing forth calm, clear assurance.
Corresponding Chakras:Heart
Astrological Sign:Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Seriphos Green Quartz... For Healing, Angelic & Earth Connections

Seriphos Green Quartz Crystal Also Known As Prasem Quartz
Seriphos Green Quartz

Seriphos Green Quartz is a lovely heart based stone that is a wonderful support to aid healing. They help you to connect to the higher realms and also assist you to stay beautifully grounded.

These green crystals emanate a strong and quite delightful energy, that brings joy, releases negativity and helps you to feel that you are brimming with good health.

Their heavenly energy helps you to connect with the energy of both plants and beings living in the natural world, and they are a wonderful support for healers using herbal medicine.

One of the interesting characteristics of these green quartz crystals... which are also known as Prasem Quartz or simply Prase... are that they commonly develop in a specific formation, and many have side branches and appear to look like little trees.

The formation of these stones is a wonderful message from nature and Mother earth, about the ways that they may benefit you. They embody a powerful vibration that is highly beneficial to use for healing, and they also help you to be more organized, systematic and practical in your daily life.

Where Is It From... Seriphos Green Quartz Meaning

The origin of the name Seriphos Green Quartz, relates to where these stones come from, on the Greek Island of Seriphos, in the Aegean Sea.

They are found in a specific area of this island, in a cave underneath the ocean!

An alternative name for these crystals is Prasem Hedenbergite Green Quartz.

They were commonly known as Prase in the Past.

The word Prase relates to a Greek word meaning leek, and relates to their green color. The color of these crystals vary in the shade of green they come in, and this ranges from a pale light lettuce green through to a quite deep spinach green color. Most of these crystals are long and thin with a point on the end, and the color is usually lighter on the point and becomes a deeper green towards the base.

So why do these crystals grow in this unusual and elongated way?

It is related to the fibrous inclusions of the mineral Hedenbergite or Actinolite within these crystals. Hedenbergite is a green mineral with a lovely sweet earth based energy... and it is its presence that interferes with the growth of these stones.

They have a particular way of growing where they get thinner towards the top of the crystals... which is known as a tessin habit, and they may also have a curve as they narrow towards the point. This specific growth habit is an indicator that they are genuine stones that come from this area.

While most of this green quartz crystal is primarily found in this one location, some crystals that may be quite similar are also found in Italy, Morocco and Russia.

These crystals do have an absolutely wonderful energy, so it is interesting that the name of this Greek island relates to the seraphim, which are Celestial beings... or angels as they are commonly known.

Why Would You Use It

These green crystals help you to discover that life can be beautiful. They resonate with an energy that helps you to recapture and reclaim the knowledge that you live on a wonderful and quite miraculous planet... and how gratifying it is to make a connection with the earth and the beings who inhabit her.

Seriphos Green Quartz crystals make a strong earth connection, and they embody a delightful loving vibration. They are potent stones to use for healing in a number of ways, but especially if you are taking or using herbal medicines or herbs.

Seriphos Green Quartz

If you sometimes think that you are not certain about why you are living here on earth at this time, and if you wonder if you would prefer that you that were not here... then the beautiful energy of these crystals will help you. Seriphos Green Quartz have an appealing energy, that helps you to release negative feelings that may be filling you.

The quite delightful nature of these stones is unique, as they help you to feel that heaven is not something you need to wait for, but that you can experience it here on earth. They are a powerful stone to keep on your body, as they embody a lovely strong and inviting vibration... that may bring immense joy into your life and a feeling of bountiful loving energy.

How Will It Help You

One of the minerals within these stones is Hedenbergite, and this has a number of excellent metaphysical attributes to benefit you. One of the ways that this crystal personally helped me, was that all of a sudden, rather unexpectedly, I found that I became more organized.

The energy of Seriphos Green QuartzPrasem Quartz or Green Praseaids orderliness in the home. Rather than my sometimes haphazard approach previous to this, I found myself developing a more orderly, systematic and practical attitude to my daily life.

This was after using it for a while, as its effect is cumulative... and it certainly did help me in that way. In addition its vibration also relates to bringing order to your spiritual life.

They may aid you to personally understand a systematic method of moving your life to a place where you perceive your place in the universe, and help you to discover your reason for being here on earth at this time.

Through their action to balance and support the energy of theheart chakra, you may find that it will assist you to recognize the need for a greater degree of patience with your movement forward.

This relates to the fact that each of us are different... and rather than comparing yourself with others, you may realize that it is all in Divine order... as you work out that what is happening in your life may be the perfect path for you.

You may find that you more easily achieve the goals you have been working towards, and you may also find new friendships... as the right people may cross your path. They are wonderful crystals to meditate with, and they can be used in meditation to help you to discover what is needed for your own personal growth and healing at this time.

How Does It Aid Healing?

Seriphos Green Quartz or Prasem QuartzSeriphos Green Quartz aka Prasem Quartzas they are also called, can give you assistance to deal with stress. They help bestow calm, and an ability to relax more easily and they help to remove over sensitivity and that bristling irritated feeling.

Their vibration helps you to be aware of the many good things in your world, and to feel that life really is wonderful. It is a potent aid to relieve negativity about life, that may be related to feelings of depression.

These are valuable stones for emotional healing, and one of their quite beautiful aspects is the way they help you if you have issues with losing your temper... especially if you have had trouble controlling it. In this case it would be beneficial to wear a piece on you if you can.

These green crystals have been in use since ancient times.

The stone which was called prasius by Pliny in his writings, was used to aid healing of the eyes, healing of bruises and to bring high temperatures down.

These days healers have reported that they may aid speech impediments, sedate the heart and boost the immune and endocrine systems... as well as helping bruises to heal, and to relieve the pain of sunburn or heat stroke.

These are excellent stones for healers to use, and are known to be helpful to aid etheric surgery. They are beneficial to use to assist you to remove psychic hooks and cords, and they are excellent to seal any auric leaks... which are known to cause emotional fatigue.

Uses that have been discovered include its action to remove cysts and other issues located in the etheric, that are holding back your healing. As illness forms first in the etheric before it reaches your physical body, the removal of any illness from within your etheric body is highly beneficial.

How To Use It

These crystals make a good connection within thebase chakra... and are strong stones to make connections to the earth and the devic beings. It is beneficial to keep a piece on your body when you are going outdoors to enjoy nature.

As Seriphos Green QuartzSeriphos Green Quartzcrystals are a variety of quartz, this means their energy will resonate quite well, so you do not need a large piece for it to be effective.

If you enjoy walking outdoors, having it within your aura may assist you to make contact with nature spirits and elemental beings. Many people have not made contact with these beings as they are not aware of the presence of these nature spirits, that may live in and around the green areas of our planet.

They are also excellent crystals to assist you to make connections with the higher realms and the angelic beings.

It is a lovely stone to use in your daily meditation... and it is helpful to aid you withconnecting with angels...especially those angelic beings whose work it is to look after the health of the earth. It may also aid you byenhancing your creativity.

This is one of those stones where in many people its action may not necessarily be found to be strong when you first use it. Over time you might also suddenly discover that gifts evolve, including psychic abilities such as telepathic gifts... and it may assist you withdeveloping stronger intuition.

It is of value to keep a piece on your body, so the effects of its energy can unfold over time. Wearing it as jewelry is highly beneficial, and it is sometimes found selling as lovely wire wrap stone pendants.

Combining It With Other Stones

To assist you to make contact with nature spirits, you may choose to use Seriphos Green Quartz in combination with other crystals that are also strong earth stones, and some of the specific stones that aid contact with the devic realms.

These includeGreen ApophylliteGreen Apophyllite... shown on right with White Stilbite,Rainforest Jasper,Green Moss Agate,Prasiolite,Staurolitewhich are also known as Fairy Stones,Fuchsite,MuscoviteandGreen Tourmaline... as it is known as a stone that aids Earth Healing,

If you want to boost its energy when you use it in meditation, use it along with otherquartz crystals, such asAmethyst,Herkimer DiamondsorElestial Quartz.

Seriphos Green Quartz combine beautifully with higher vibration crystals... includingSuper Seven,Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds andPhenacite, which will boost its energy.

It is lovely used in combination with other stones that aid you to connect with angels... but in particular you may like to chooseSeraphinite, ClearApophyllite,Green Prehnite,Angel Phantom QuartzorCelestite.

In Summary

Prasem QuartzPrasem Quartzis another name for Seriphos Green Quartz.

They have a lovely calming energy that brings joy into your life, and helps you to release negativity.

Their vibration aids your connection with nature spirits and with beings in the higher realms including the angels.

They are strong heart based crystals, that have a quite heavenly energy, that helps you to feel that heaven is not something you need to wait for, but that you can experience it here on Earth.

It may assist you to feel more organized, systematic and practical in your daily life.

They have an excellent healing vibration and they aid healing of a number of different health issues & are supportive of healers using herbal medicine.

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