Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
5 years ago
928 posts

Hi Tami,

White sage is predominately used for Smudging, but people have used various types of sage.

Here is an article about Sage for Smudging, I hope it helps:


Have a nice weekend,


Janett Niemi
Janett Niemi
5 years ago
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I once did a cleansing/smudging with just incense sticks. The house was miles from any "store" so I just used what I could find. It proved to be quite an emotional experience for my daughters and I. The house held such negative vibes that at one point, I broke down crying. Something quite awful had happened in that room, but we were able to clear it out with just the incense. I think smudging is like almost anything-it is all in the energy. We had powerful, determined energy (it was my daughter's first house and she was determined to live in it with her family in peaceful harmony)

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