One reason related to Empaths which I think is acceptable at crystal shops...

3 years ago
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Yesterday, I bought a rough red jasper pendant because I felt that the energy was somewhat different but maybe better.

The color was also different, 'bloody red with black lines'.

After one night wearing it, I was fully convinced that it was not a red jasper because the energy was completely different than the other red jaspers that I have, and I was uncomfortable with it.

I went back to the shop this morning and a different staff was there.

I explained to her that it felt completely different and not like a red jasper, and asked her if this was really a red jasper.

She checked and it was actually a bloodstone.

She asked me how I was able to feel these things because many people just buy and wear gemstones and they don't really feel anything.

I didn't really answer her question, but I was able to changed that bloodstone with a red jasper without any payment.

My primary gemstone is Red Jasper, mainly because in an article I read, it is the crystal of actress,actresses and all connected with expressive and performing arts in becoming more sensitive to their audiences.

I feel more wanting or being a performer when wearing Red Jasper and I love it.

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Gin S
Gin S
3 years ago
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I had a chakra chip necklace. I got it home and put it on, after a few hours I felt like I had the flu. I cleansed it over and over but every time I put it on I would feel the same. I ended up giving it to my daughter because it didn't bother her at all. Crystals can be funny that way. Some of them I don't notice a thing but others I can't even go near without feeling sick.

3 years ago
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Im finding my way with crystals still, especially with combinations. Blue tigers eye and lapis lazuli together make me feel so nauseated and heavy. Every combination is different and i have some favourites. I love visiting crystal shops...feeling the resonance of the shelves. I sort of switch my mind off and just follow the buzzing and vibes that i feel and buy accordingly.

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