Interesting Healing Session.

5 years ago
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Yesterday, I attended my regular Reiki Circle. I treated about 15 people all together. So, I charged 4 wands before it using Solfeggio frequencies and took them hoping they might be used. Interesting things happened. There were 2 circles of about 1 hour each and about 5 practitioners to about 30 brave souls per circle. The first lady was pregnant and got a wand made for sealing in white light. Interesting, there was another practitioner that followed the wands and gave expanded treatments. There was another lady that got another wand meant to heal the heart. The same practitioner followed it and worked on her for a while. She stopped when she started to feel woozy. That is unusual as I did not feel that way from treating this lady. So the healer was herself treated and got another wand I called Ultra and its meant to raise your vibration to ultra-high. I though "empath" but kept my mouth shut as I will not interfere with the energies work. But the most interesting thing that happened was that I treated these 2 ladies sitting side by side. I did one and moved to the other, towards the end I treated both of them at the same time as if the energies wanted a union. Its never happened before. One other kid had a quartz and asked if it mattered, I said no. Halfway through the treatment, I grabbed the quartz and blew air on it and placed it on his chakras. All people came afterwards and made comments and asked questions. Now I want to know from the EC if anything similar has ever happened to those that heal? Not necessarily using Reiki. Any tools used that intuition prompted? Namaste

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