Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
6 years ago
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Hi :)

It you are looking for a blocking or grounding stone, I would recommend Red Jasper, it is known as the Warrior Stone, Black Obsidian or Hematite.

I would suggest starting out with a small stone so that you can familiarize/bond yourself with the stone.

If you have a shop near you I would suggest going in person so that you can see the stones and see which stone us a best fit for you.

Some stones may give you a headache or just may not feel right to you and some just may have that pull or draw that makes you keep hovering over it.

I also cleanse my stones by either placing them within the smoke of incense or under the full moon to get rid of the built up energy.

I then take some time and hold each stone in my hand and focus with intention on what I want or need for that stone to do for me.

I hope I am making sense, I tend to ramble.

I hope this information helps :)

Have a wonderful week :)

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