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Hi everyone. I am looking to connect with a loved one who has passed, named Chris. I still love him dearly and believe he has contacted me on a psychic level, but I am looking for some type of external confirmation, so that I can know for sure he is still here with me, and that my experiences have been real. Some bit of communication or sign that could not possibly come from my imagination or wishful thinking. I don't mean to doubt, but grief can get in the way sometimes. :(

So, in a way, I come here looking for hope... answers... reassurance... but most specifically, confirmation.

Anyone who could possibly connect with Chris on the other side and relay that message or sign from him which would give me that external confirmation is very welcome to reply here. I would be so grateful for that bit of help, thank you. If you receive something but are unsure of it, please just post it anyways - I will thoughtfully consider whatever comes through. It may help more than you know. Thank you again in advance.

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Hop Daddy
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Sorry for your loss. And I would bet that Chris is more a part of your life "in spirit" than you realize. Now, how to find out for sure?

I don't know if what you are looking for is on this Empath blog. You could post and ask for a reading with a psychic. But you also may be able to do a little leg work and make contact yourself. There are quite a few spiritual websites out there where you can learn to progress your skills through an educational course. Here is one that I trust that I believe is what you are looking for:

You can book a reading with Erin. But she also has a wealth of free info. on her site explaining a lot of what you are looking for. So you may benefit from just reading through her articles.

Good luck, and I hope you can make contact with Chris.

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