One past life reading to the first three people that reply!

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6 months ago
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What I do in past-life readings is to ask your guides to show me the past life most in need of healing at this time. With their help, I explore the past life and help the piece of your soul that is stuck there to cross over into the light and rejoin your higher self. Past life readings can be more emotional than you might think, because they can trigger memories you didn't even know you had, and help to explain odd things that you do or have experienced in your current lifetime.

One past lifetime will be explored for each of the first three people that reply to this thread.

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6 months ago
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Hi Amaya

I would be interested in having a reading.  I have had strong Feelings of about 4 of them and I'd like to know what you may be able to "see" for me.  I believe my wife and I have been together before. Thanks in advance. 

Throw some love into the wind.


Corey Easton
6 months ago
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Hello Amaya

I would love a past life reading!!

Thanks so much!

6 months ago
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Please/ I'd like very much to have a reading of my past life. I have so many unexplained things I need to know to help me. I would appreciate this so much, Thank You In Advance. Joyce

5 months ago
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Hi there, I would like a reading if you are still doing them.

Thank you,


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