Hi there now I've been lost for a while, can you help me?

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9 months ago
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As a child I was different, I felt everything, however due to certain life decisions and a rough exterior, I have lost touch, I live in a slight anger in my everyday life which blocks out everything but the strongest of signals.

I want to return to being whole living life with feeling. Not with just my head.

Any help is truly appreciated, thank you lostsoul1144
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9 months ago
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I suggest reconnecting (or spending more time) with nature, animals, children...things and beings that make you more heart-centered.

I also recommend reading about spirituality. Spirituality is the key to living from your heart, rather than your mind.

When people get caught up in the "real world" (i.e. making money, success, and even education), they lose touch with the simple pleasures and joys of life - the true meaning of life. By exposing yourself to these things again, you will reopen your heart and have more right/left brain balance in your life. It will take time, but be consistent and it will come back to you :)


9 months ago
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Hi there friend
First of all, know that you can hold a candle to anyone you so wish. Perhaps they won't see it, yet you can hold it up all the same.
Sometimes, to feel comfortable we put up boundaries and walls. So that we can move freely inside our homes, we put up sturdy walls that protect us from the inquisitive gaze of passer-bys. We put up heavy curtains and glazed windows so that we can rest peacefully in privacy. Just remember, curtains can be drawn to enjoy the views. Windows can be opened to let in the cheerful breeze. And doors can be unlocked so you can enjoy the outdoors and you can invite loving friends to your indoors.
And finally, sometimes after a long day, it's just so nice to prepare a hot, steamy bubble bath. Just immerse yourself in relaxing waters while the bubble bath cleanse you. Then you relax, recuperate and look forward to a new day.
Likewise it is in life. It is perfectly fine if we erect boundaries around ourselves. Sometimes we need some seclusion. And since it is us who put up the walls, we can just as easily put in doors. We don't have to take down whole walls until we are ready. Whatever we have been through, there is healing. A cleansing and return to our original selves. Like a hot bath, cleansing and healing can be quite enjoyable. And after healing, it is time to dream, to take in the vigors of life. To expand our views and perspectives as we process and learn from all we've been through. And thus thus we start to create a new day better than the last.
Lots of love and light to you, soul114-4 ;) .

p.s: no soul is ever lost, they are just still on adventures or coming home from adventures.
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9 months ago
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Thank you both very much, just putting forth the intention and effort has already helped, also the techniques from the empath survival guide are pure gold.

Lotusfly your suggestions to bring myself back to the basics is so simple I wouldn't have thought of it. Lately it seems everything wants to be so complex yet it's all so simple. Thank you again for your insight.

Hermes the beautiful use of metaphors has reached into me, it's an understanding and reassurance beyond words, again so simple, if I built the walls then I must be able to remove them. Perhaps it will be okay to close the curtains from time to time, I just can't forget to let the sun back in every now and again.

Thank you Hermes :)

Thank you both very much my most sincere gratitude. Peace, love and energy -lostsoul1144

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