Life's fast changes and the struggles with it

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10 months ago
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I am curious to see what a reading would say to me. The past ten years have been extremely challenging with some tears of joy and lots of anxiety and struggle. Still I was able to accomplish a lot during this time despite all the challenges. It seems once I begin or make some leadway on the path my heart is determined to go, I experience some type of major setback. I am really wondering if I am missing something  some key part that if only I would get, all my hard work will finally begin to flourished.    

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9 months ago
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That is a good question about what a reading would say.  It sounds like about now you need things to go smoothly without major setbacks.  That you are able to accomplish a lot despite that says a fair bit about your resolve.  I hope you find what you need to keep the major setbacks be anticipated and gotten around or to keep them from coming up so much.  Best to you getting good guidance in how to go forward. 

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