Asking for a reading please :)

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Jesenia Alix
11 months ago
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I recently broke up with someone who would be the best significant other I have had thus far. But deep down I have this feeling he is not the one. As an empath in relationships I can feel a lot more then just a regular person. I wanted this but I find myself down, and low. How do I stop overthinking and feeling like a made a mistake? Sometimes as an empath I wonder if I am making stuff up? 

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11 months ago
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You have a right to freewill. I would be careful about searching for the perfect person for you, because there is no such thing as a perfect person or match. Relationships take a lot of work. If you're willing to keep searching then you are not ready to settle down and that's the truth. When you are ready, the right person will come into your life. There is nothing wrong with waiting for a better time and a better person, but when you are ready, don't let your ideas of perfection interfere. :)

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