what does this mean?

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hi I saw something like a vision, not sure what it means, is this an entity or spirit? like a woman charcoal black, fire behind her and breaking away from chains. chains of Amistad kept resonating, what does that mean? never heard of it before and not sure why those words kept resonating.

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Well...the Amistad was a spanish slave ship loaded with African people on its way back to Spain in 1839...the slaves took over the ship and killed some of the crew...so maybe the vision you had was someone breaking free of their slavery/chains....you maybe?...
Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
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I used to have very mysterious dreams. They confused me and I always wondered if someone was trying to send me a message. I decided to speak out loud to my spirit guides to ask if they are sending me dreams or signals to make it much more obvious. And that seemed to correct that as I am getting much more clear and decipherable dreams and signals now. Although I do think that some of the strange dreams are meant to plant a seed deep in your subconscious to develop certain skills and beliefs over time that will help you with your life's purpose. So there is always that.

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