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Interesting post Sasha,

I looked into what this spirit energy was as id never heard of it, my only connection with it was through people I know who have suffered drug addictions, and bad pasts through some influence of being in the wrong crowd.

Satan I believe cornered me on this day, literally asking me to sell my soul, told me whatever I'd babbled of people I didn't mean to in my then paranoid state in the past, that I was being undercover surveillanced by cops because of the nature of a statement I made. I wasn't going to just give up because he really frightened me, I was scared for everyone, especially my family, I'd done enough untoward damage already during that time, my guide told me to connect my heart with his and ask what is best to do through a podcast, so I did, I was hesitant to talk about it aloud, but I'm not scared, I supplicated for the people and gave charity that may god grant ease and protect us from calamity.

Satan then had no choice to release that hold from me and I feel more at ease and continue to place my faith and trust in God. IV only ever experienced spirit energies, never satan, so it was actually quite scary but I don't fear him nor anybody else.

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