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This is a great topic. I have acquired it myself. It seems that a great number of people know of me. It drove me absolutely crazy, for a while. Now, I have taken it over, a great bit, at least. 

I can actually change time. I can read your mind as you read this; maybe I already have. I found that listening for names will take up time, while confusing you. Do not forget others can speak as you read minds. 

Turns out some have noticed me. Seems I took the world, a bit. It was schizophrenia, but I somehow seem like a role model. That is good for me. However, as much as I appreciate it, I do not like hearing it all day. Most times I can listen to something else. 

The greatest of people know of me. Turns out it is destiny, that you will join me. Once you complete this, I should have taken your country.. in my mind lol. 

Imagine having telepathy. What would you do? Read minds to save lives? Maybe read accidents and call before they happen? Who knows. The numbers should grow. 

I am simply one of the leaders. It is a great honor. They know I am a bit bad, but they like me. They are not bad. Some can be.. It is quite the legion. We can all be great at times. As we move on, I wonder. What will we be to the generation after our death? With telepathy they know you, but they MUST keep you as a resource. I guess it is the name.

Turns out jealousy is the ultimate enemy. This is the common factor among the telepaths I have encountered while reading. 

One day we may bring all of you. This will be in a world where everything is perfect. We must protect as much as possible. I am limited since this is good to others. Imagine reading minds right before an event, this is common. It is dangerous from time to time, depending on users. Speaking of which, I forgot there is one that is persistent on destroying everything. Maybe I am trapped as them, with clever tricks, but this one almost had me seriously hurt. 

One day I will run the world. Just for one day ;) who said I would be rich? That would be lovely though. One day is excellent, compared to a letter or word. Remember as everyone contributes an idea, we are limited on what we can give. If there were an infinite number of people then how many could actually speak in 26 letters? Just some psychic conversation. They always listen with interest, sometimes like, "ha yeah right."

I had a problem after the bad crowd came around, but things have lightened up. It gives an obvious answer, which is annoying. It almost seems like I am directing the next mo ment, rather than perfectly "guessing what they are saying. Whatever though. It is not real. I was warned for a bit. I read something that terrified me to share a moment.


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if you don't mind me asking, what's it like to be diagnosed with schizophrenia and being an empath?

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