Vision from my childhood

2 years ago
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Tonight I had a vision from my childhood which I have always remembered parts of, but tonight I was shown an entire picture of this memory along with an event with my mother afterwards. I don’t want to go into too much detail but I’m incredibly traumatised. I’m going through enough right now, I know we aren’t given more than we can handle but I’m trying and failing to see why I would be shown this now and what to do with it or even how to process it! Thoughts & advice?
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Just Stevie
Just Stevie
2 years ago
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just throwing this out there...
maybe because once you come face to face with something that's been hidden you have to come to terms with it. it was there all along and made your burden heavier. Sometimes accepting puts a new light on it and then you can move on. The thing about memories is that's what they are; just memories. No matter how bad anything is it is easier to handle because you know it can only be a memory. It can only hurt you if you let it.
It works for good as well. Cherish the moment because it too will become a memory and you choose how it effects you
So my theory is your load will be lightened with one less worry if you let it
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Hi...sometimes current situations may trigger memory....something you're going through and it just popped up....or...not....maybe it's just time to deal with it...the child that was you needs your help...and being a child she MUST be taken care are an adult now...but she's stayed in that trauma for too long and needs to come up and meet can now protect her and make sure she is safe....the trauma is only a an adult...but to the child it's a very big deal...don't shut her off because you're too busy... that will just hurt her more....she needs you NOW....she's worth taking the time to help heal that part of you that's been injured....sit with her hold her hand and face it with her...don't leave her alone with this trauma any longer.....just do it...don't think it over....just do are worth that effort....SHE is worth that effort....
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