Night Skies, planes,an Angel and energy

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4 months ago
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Ok....just feel like I needed to share this particular experience with folks who are not always tempted to go straight to judging us as nuts or crazy, including ourselves.  

I'm in the DFW area in Texas (just for reference on location) and was wondering if anyone else in our community will speak up and share anything similar they may have seen in the past few days since the eclipse.  Looking for validation, I suppose.

I stepped outside after the sun had been down a bit and per usual up I look, cause that's where it's all at, according to the late and great Kidd Kraddick, and I love to watch the sky at night.  It's like my own personal light show and it doesn't take much for me to be in complete awe of this magnificent creation shared with us by it's Creator, whoever you believe that might be.  I am grateful and the site is often soothing and never gets old to me.  Which is funny, because the universe is older than we could imagine logically.

Immediately, I look up and I see a twinkling type of bright energy (like I see when I meditate) and two planes flying all around it in the area.  The planes flew away after a bit and the energy form came in and out of view as a huge gigantic Angel, wings and all. (It gets freakier)  I was startled, to say the least, but mesmerized as well.  I was opening and closing my eyes, shaking my head, and moving back and forth across the patio to ensure I was seeing what I was seeing as it moved above and closer to my home.   

At this point the energy changed it's pattern and I could see my Mother, (who is old and we are not on speaking terms due to her NPD need to kill me emotionally as she admitted when asked) sitting in a chair and completing different tasks.  This happened several times and freaked me to the point of thanking the energy for sharing and me coming in the house.  

I've purposely remote viewed my Mom at times for my own protection and sanity, but I wasn't even thinking of her at the time of this sighting.  I've forgiven my Mother, because she knows not what she does and I do love her.  I always have.  I just am not so self destructive that I will continue subject myself to her harmful thoughts and actions concerning me, ever again.  My survival kinda depends on no contact. For years I lied to myself about her loving me, but couldn't see her as being at fault for my childhood "fuster cluck" that can not really be labeled as anything one might imagine childhood should be.  Not complaining, just saying in case it helps someone understand something I missed concerning this incident.

Later that night I knew I'd see it again, if I looked outside my bedroom on the other side of the house, this moving and energetic presence.  I could feel it or something.  Well, it was just a knowing as we empaths know. Sure enough it was there and I waved and smiled.  Not sure what one is supposed to do or how to address these types of things.   

Anyone else having strange sightings of anything unusual since the eclipse?  I've experienced nothing ever before like that, except when meditating.  While I can not find reports of unusual occurences here, no doubt those planes were circling in the exact area, which I apologized to this phenomena for having to put up with.  And, I've never seen an angel for sure.  LOL  With the exception of some really sweet babies...LOL

Feel free to share this info with others and let me know if anyone has any theories or can explain this in a manner I no longer wonder the purpose of me seeing this as I did, while also wondering if others saw something different concerning time, date, or even their own location anywhere in the world.  As always, your time, perceptions, and wisdom shared with me, will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance... M

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Indigo Dog
4 months ago
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What an amazing experience. Mine was not as cool as yours but still wonderful to me. A large hawk and two Kite birds circled overhead during the peak of the eclipse at my house. The energy was high and my husband and I celebrated it together, cheering. 

Astrologically, eclipses are great for closure and ending things. It could be tying up loose ends, finding a feeling of closure in a relationship or even clearing out the spiritual cobwebs to make room for new and better things.

I have seen angels. They have saved my life on three occasions. I have sighted a couple of them also, just doing thier job protecting someone or protecting a location. If they show up I tend to pay close attention. They are always accompanied by a feeling of divine peace, profound love and wellbeing.

Perhaps during this spiritually charged time, a divine messenger came to lend you support and encouragement concerning your NPD mother. I personally think you have the best and most balanced approach to that relationship. ( Good job!) It is sometimes challenging for an empath to imagine that another person could be devoid of emotional sympathy. We have so much of it. *laff.

Enjoy this time, as the effects of this eclipse will continue to be in effect for a couple more weeks. You're doing great. Blessings, Indigo Dog

Cat Whisperer
4 months ago
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Wow @femonique! What a great experience:) I'm no expert but it sounds like your guardian angel has come for a visit, imo. I have not had the opportunity to see my angel for as far as the "clairs" go I'm more clairsentinent than any of the clairs. I have felt my angel with me on more than one can be quite moving. Sounds like you are quite clairvoyant.
I agree with @indigo-dog, this is a time for cleaning house so to speak. The energy is phenomenal right now....enough to raise the hair on my body, lol. I have found that with some past traumas there needs to be more than one done to completely clear the past, perhaps this is your sign. Kudos for being loving and protective of yourself, which is a must. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience
4 months ago
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I would definitely see this as a message. I have been focused on "cleaning house" since the eclipse. I do it physically by getting rid of junk I don't need any longer. At the same time I'm doing it spiritually by letting go of that anger of the past. I have forgiven those in the past that led me to resentment, but it hasn't ended there. I keep forgiving them over and over. Any time I feel any resentment or anger I stop and let it go, and ask forgiveness for the things I have done and felt toward those people. For myself, this is something I'll be doing for the rest of my life. That way I don't allow others to have any power over me. This way I don't need to protect myself from them.

3 months ago
62 posts

ZA....thanks, babe!  YOU are who I needed to hear from today.  The messages I believe also provided that my Mother knows, from some aspect of her being, that she gave the world gifts, and that even she suffers as she does in order to have brought us forth.  Dunno if the other two are gonna make it as far as I have, but I have hope for everyone and occasionally drop a hint.  Either way, yes, my family is loved and the events and players are what brought some realizations to light.  Everyone I have encountered has been a blessing and opportunity to learn.  

I continue to help others when I can.  Hopefully, I am accomplishing that which it is I have Come to believe is the best way or course I can take to reach as many as I can and with the right needs that I can address and help with.  I write on a Q&A site called Quora.  Many are experiencing shifts, don't know how to get out of the messes they are in, and some are just seeking knowledge to write about themselves.  Share I will, just as you have shared with me.  I am grateful and I hope you feel that too!!!

Thanks to each of you.  Keep doing what you is so so helpful as we need to support each other too.  Love all you guys and gals from my heart.  M

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