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4 months ago
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I know, in my experience, that I'm not a psychic. I've come off as psychic to people before, but I don't identify with being a psychic at all. For me, I read people incredibly easily, I feel their energy, and I pay attention to what I mirror when I'm around them, and then I can put together things. It's scared multiple people in my life when I come out with an oddly specific question to their situation, and they have no idea how I got the information, but it's just obvious for me. 

Now on the other hand, I've started developing a really weird thing where when someone walks in with something going on, for example lung cancer, without knowing what is wrong, I will feel a pressure in my chest, or I pick up headaches from other people. It's very odd, and can be incredibly draining. Another thing that scared me originally was I feel pregnancies, the baby and the mother. I remember the first time I noticed it was when a teacher I knew suddenly "felt" different, her vibe was just different, and then I was asking myself "why" and all the sudden I got the urge to ask her if she was pregnant. Of course I didn't do it at the time, I thought I was going crazy and it can be really offensive to ask a woman if she's pregnant (especially if she's not)... but 3 weeks later she made an announcement that she was (and she hadn't been showing all that time). 

Does anyone else experience things like that? I still don't feel like I'm "psychic" but when I watch other people who identify as a psychic, it confuses me because I've picked up on some crazy things...

Indigo Dog
4 months ago
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Clairvoyant- The ability to percieve things without the use of the 5 senses. Maybe you will like this word better. Perhaps you have a negative feeling about people who call themselves Psychic. People in my life who are not very empathic or pshychic make fun of me, have disbelief and mock my gifts. It's OK, they are scared and a little confused by it. I love them anyway and don't make a big deal of knowing everything I do.

Hop Daddy
4 months ago
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Congrats on your skill. That sounds pretty strong in you. I do get some visions of future events and can sometimes tell when a person or animal is dealing with physical pain that they are trying to conceal (or tough out). But I don't tap into a person's story or future as you do. 

Many years ago my wife had a lady walk up and touch her pregnant stomach and tell her our baby would be a girl who loves music and dance. And we laughed it off at the time (we were non-believers back then). But the lady was right on with all details. I would say it is unnerving for most to interact with someone who can tell them their future. I think most of society is unable to handle that. And like I did, some may laugh it off thinking “that guy is a nut”.

I usually have pretty strong empath skills. And I can read people's energies pretty well. But I don't usually tell people what I know about them. I have to be picky as I think a lot of people can't handle this spiritual stuff. But I generally help those that ask and those that clearly need immediate help (someone distraught etc...). I’m sure others will differ with my view. But I would imagine with your clairvoyance you will also have to be picky with who you help unless you are 100% okay with people identifying you as a psychic. And there is good and bad to having that label in our society. But that said, definitely work your skill and see where it goes.

3 months ago
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A couple of things I bet we can all do. First is pick up on pregnant women. The second is find lost things. 

Pregnant women stand out and glow, showing or not. I'm very attracted to them, but not in a sexual way. I see it as natures way of protecting them. They are very important to our survival. I haven't explored this with animals so much.

My wife always asks me where something she can't find is before she looks for it. This is more of a skill we can develop. The trick I've learned is not to actively search for it. It isn't something I do with my mind. I have to stop thinking about where it could be. In the past, I'd look for it until I got distracted and at that moment I would walk right to it. This is how I eventually figured out what was happening. It's much easier to find other people's things because I have no idea where it could be.  I'm teaching my daughter to do this, because she misplaces things all the time. It helps in a big way when things somehow end up in the trash and you don't want to go through all the trash to find it.

Theses are psychic skills by definition. It not just about visions and knowing. In all my treks deep into forests and exploring wilderness, I've never been lost. I couldn't tell you which way is north, but I always know which way to go. 

2 months ago
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@zacharias, I agree in finding things not by actively searching, but walking right to them. But I must say I am a hopeless case when it comes to directions. I am easily lost and have no sense of direction whatsoever.

I am not much of a fan of the word "psychic" too, but "empath" and "clairvoyant" works for me.

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2 months ago
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@eri-ameonna- If it makes you feel better, I get lost in the city all the time. I rely on GPS. It has something to do with all the other people around me. Some how they affect my sense of direction. I have to focus even if I've been there a hundred times before. My wife is a control freak that is constantly driving from the passenger seat. I'll miss turns and forget where I'm going with her in the car. I find it much easier just to take separate cars. In the woods I've never had that problem. 

The term psychic has earned some bad conentations. Most people don't like the word anymore. I would never claim to be psychic. What I don't get is why so many would rather just be mundane, and not want to believe in something extra ordinary. 

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