Akashic Record

Bill Walker
Bill Walker
2 years ago
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I've thought long and hard trying to find a place, spiritually speaking, where something like an Akashic Record would exist? Recently I have come to the understanding, or belief, that the whole Universe is a giant recording device where even every flap of an insects wings, every thought by every being, every tumble of a rock in a stream is recorded for all time. In fact, even though I don't believe that time really exists beyond what we perceive as being one moment after another, I do believe it is this recorded history by the Universe that creates the illusion of passing time.

In this sense everything will always exist as a memory within the Akashic memory. Which means we are, and everything else is n reality, The Akashic Record! It all happens in one moment, but it is ever expanding moment that will never end. You might even call it, Heaven! 

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