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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
11 months ago
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I've thought long and hard trying to find a place, spiritually speaking, where something like an Akashic Record would exist? Recently I have come to the understanding, or belief, that the whole Universe is a giant recording device where even every flap of an insects wings, every thought by every being, every tumble of a rock in a stream is recorded for all time. In fact, even though I don't believe that time really exists beyond what we perceive as being one moment after another, I do believe it is this recorded history by the Universe that creates the illusion of passing time.

In this sense everything will always exist as a memory within the Akashic memory. Which means we are, and everything else is n reality, The Akashic Record! It all happens in one moment, but it is ever expanding moment that will never end. You might even call it, Heaven! 

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You are right, bill-walker. This whole universe is, in a way, the akashic records. Though the term akashic records is actually a concept, to bridge the linear understanding of most humans and the non-linear, infinite, 'structure' of no-physical reality. Here, if we mention that physical reality is merely a drop of water in an infinitely expansive ocean of existence/non-existence, I wonder how it is received? My own experience with this stems from a projection (astral) experience where I came upon a 'concept', a situations of sort. In that experience, I was taken to a 'place' where the whole physical universe was a drop of water, dropping into the limitless ocean. The drop of water is/was in a continual dropping condition, the moment of dropping lasting infinitely, yet the drop is/was not static. The drop of water is the comparison between the infinite amount of information in the Akashic Records and The Limitless Ocean (sometimes referred to as the ocean of mercy). Normally, it would be quite hard to compare two different types of infinities, fortunately, human development in this focus (point) of time gives us the understanding of fractals. Existence is a huge kaleidoscope of existence/non-existence, and our physical reality is a fractal pattern / equation within that grand, limitless kaleidoscope. By itself, the physical universe can unfold into a never ending pattern / geometry, from the source pattern. Yet, All That Is is even more encompassing, creating patterns into infinite amounts of dimensions, and realities, in an infinite number of ways, permeating the infinitely small and encompassing the infinitely large.

As for heaven, astral travelers, particularly students of The Monroe Institute, have given various accounts of coming across realms in the higher astral that are similar to the various ideas of heaven found in the many traditions. These realms exist on a plane higher than the planes related to the physical. Yet, what is probably more interesting is that higher still, is a total non-physical reality that exists in a state of non-duality. This 'area' can be thought of as related to outer part of the inner area of a star tetrahedron, the part that is in contact with the outer triangular points. Here, all things exist as light, and there are no forms. Perhaps if we say heaven is the 'place' devoid of all suffering, and satisfies all desires, then perhaps, this 'area' too is suited to being called 'Heaven'. 

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