Vision or Coincidence ?

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Just Stevie
6 months ago
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I was at my gym one day laying on an exercise bed just staring up at the ceiling. I saw something but I thought it was either a reflection or shadowing. I then realized it couldn't be because it wouldn't have been in the right place. The more I Iooked the more I could see it looked like maybe beds were going around up and down like a ride almost. Eventually it became clear. I saw that it was a carnival ride. It had people on it but I' never actually saw the people. I could see the forms getting an idea that it was a person.  I knew it was carnival rides because I could see the mechanisms underneath. It was the ride that has a row of people sitting side-by-side, about 8 across and a likewise row on the other side.  It's the one that goes back and forth until it finally goes all the way over. The vision was fast maybe three or four seconds and then fade. It would return in a few more seconds and it would come back again and this repeated.

This Vision was there for maybe 2 weeks every time I went to the gym. Soon I started to see it more places. The TV screen, the wall, the ceiling. Eventually it was everywhere. I could look in a frying pan and there on the bottom was the vision. Each time I was able to see a little more detail. The rides would change. I could clearly make out what ride it was. Still not the people, although, I could tell there were men, there were women and there were children but no details. I got used to it. It would just be everywhere I looked. One day it sudenly stopped. I didn't think about until I heard on the news that several children in Texas were caught on the top of a carnival ride for several hours. I Iive no where near

What do you think connection or coincidence....?

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Hop Daddy
6 months ago
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That is a tough one to interpret as to whether it was a premonition of a future event. When I get a premonition it is usually a one time vision and that is that. It is interesting that you have had this repeated vision. Another way of looking at it is that maybe the vision could be a sign from your guides. If that is the case my guess would be that they are trying to get you to recognize that your life is stuck in a cycle or going around in circles. Maybe time for a change? I think the fact that this was a repetitive message seems to lean this way.

4 months ago
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This brings to mind the unfortunate incident in OH. You may have experienced a premonition.  I have had dreams, feelings, and automatic writings that were days, weeks, months, years in advance. It happens.  

4 months ago
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"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous" Albert Einstein 

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