First Reiki Session Today, Faeries and More

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I had my first reiki session today!

My reiki practitioner saw a lot of different things during our session that she relayed to me -- for example, she saw the spirit of my mother come to her. My mom was there with a tray of brownies :)

She also said that a buffalo came into the visualization and that buffalo is my spirit power animal.

When she got to the part of laying hands on my stomach, she said there were faeries all over my stomach area -- purple, pink , lots of faeries everywhere. She mentioned some people have angel energy surrounding them, some people have faerie energy -- and I happen to be a faerie energy person. She said that it was clear I was a very magical, imaginative person in my younger years. The faeries were upset because I am not spending as much time out in nature as I should be.

Does anybody here know anything about faeries? Or know what some good books or authors to read about faeries are? I really don't know anything about this topic, so it was very intriguing when she mentioned it. It was so unexpected.

To be honest I'm so not an outdoorsy sort of person. Do faeries like big cities? Will I find my faeries when I hang out in NYC or LA? :)

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Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
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Interesting. Years ago I had a lady who worked for me who often saw ghosts. I now realize that she is an empath (a term I did not know back then). Anyway, she used to tell me that in addition to ghosts she would often see little people running around. She said they were cat size or smaller. I thought that was really bizarre. But she may have been talking about faeries.

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