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9 months ago
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There is a woman who constantly astrally stalks me and I've seen her eyes dilate before and become more snake like. We were both in a strange but romantic relationship with many numbers involved. I believe she may be possessed by an entity as the relationship was very peculiar and her behaviour was very out of the ordinary at times. Please send your positive energies and intents or whatever you can to free her from this entity. I feel like this entity is possibly targeting me or wanting something from me but I can't think of a way to get it out of her. Any projected positive intent will help. Thanks again.

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9 months ago
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Any sense of if the entity is wanting something helpful or harmful from you?   I am not sure what the nature of her relationship was with this entity, it being one of concern or more of control or harm.  Why her eyes would dilate and become more snakelike, i wonder what that would mean.  My best to you going whatever way is the most healing for all involved.  Sending hopeful enlightenment feelings your way.

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