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Nocturne's Angel
last year
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Your magic power is divination, meaning you can predict the future! Two famous divination witches are the Jamison twins, who have been using their extraordinary gifts for years to predict catastrophic events and changes, including 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing - something you are entirely capable of. Please take this seriously, as your power is incredibly useful and important for your soul's purpose. You have the rare psychic ability to intuitively predict future events at your free will. Without your gift, some attacks and major mistakes could not be prevented. Invest in a crystal ball and practice your power with the helping energy of crystals and candles until you have mastered it, or a dream journal so that you could keep track of your sleeping dreams and learn how to read them. Always remember to cleanse your areas with incense before and after!

updated by @nocturnes-angel: 07/02/17 05:12:56PM
last year
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I got divination too. Thanks!

Hop Daddy
last year
528 posts

This is what I got: Your magic power is descensum, meaning you can communicate with the dead!

Hermes and others will probably chuckle since I have been posting lately about this skill being awakened lately.

Cat Whisperer
last year
733 posts
I got divination, thanks @nocturnes-angel!
updated by @cat-whisperer: 12/24/16 06:19:52AM
last year
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I got healer. I always get healer. Maybe I should pay attention! :-)
last year
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I got descensum

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