Areas that sparks memories

3 years ago
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That was the best title I could come up with. I have notice just about all my life that certain area espically roads causes my memories and visions come rushing back in. The older I get the more I remember the memory I had at that spot in the road. The spot in the road has nothing to do with me as far as I can tell but someone else's memory comes to me. It has happened 60 miles away on an interstate one time then years later I traveled down the same interstate and I didn't know I was at that spot then a vision rushes in and I remember having that vision years ago at that same spot.
It happened again today so I thought I would post on it while it was freash in my mind.
The one that happened 60 miles away on the interstate is a simple vision. It was some teens in a convertible. i didn't know them but it's strange how things like that you remember.

Sometimes the visions are from back in the horse and buggy days and some may just be two dogs standing in a yard. Just things that don't seem relevant. Is these other people's memories that I'm crossing over at these spots are actual events. Idk.
Sorta like deja vu but then again not like it at all.
I think I posted about this before but I can't remember. Lol. I might of thought I did. Lol.

Does this happen to others ? It's always in the same spot in the road. It does not happen every time I cross that spot but when I least expect happens.
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Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
3 years ago
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I don't see the visions, but I do go to places that seem very familiar to me. One place in particular, I went to an event in a town that I had never been in, but I knew the place. It felt very familiar, I was able to find my way around there as if I had been there was kinda strange. I then wondered if it was due to a past life there.
It happens quite often, most of the time I chalk it up to having good internal gps, lol...kinda like animals have. You've got me wondering now if it was more than that.
Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
3 years ago
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I get deja vu moments quite often but not with a vision. It's always confusing for me when that happens as I get the deep down familiarity feeling but then I never know why. I do get occasional visions on their own (no deja vu). But for me those tend to be in the future and not the past. And then I have to wait to see if they come true (which they usually do). But I have to say that's pretty cool that you have them. I wonder if you are remembering a past life event of yours or someone else's memories?

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