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Empaths can do many things. We can not only sense the emotions of others but we can heal too. To give you an idea of what being an empath may or may not include, here is a list for you of the different kinds of empaths. You may have one or more of the abilities listing including sensing emotions. Every empath like every person is different. It is up to you to discover what you can do.

These are the10 levels of the empath:

Psychometry- the empathic ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or places
Telepathy- the empathic ability to read people's thoughts
Mediumship- the empathic ability to feel the presence and energies of spirits
Physical Healing- the empathic ability to feel other people's physical symptoms in your own body (and often the ability to heal, transform or transmute them)
Emotional Healing- the empathic ability to feel another person's emotions
Animal Communication- the empathic ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals
Nature- the empathic ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants
Geomancy- the empathic ability to read the energy of places and of the land - geomancers can feel the energies of the Earth, such as Ley lines. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before earthquakes or other disasters occur anywhere on the planet.
Precognition- the empathic ability to feel when something important is about to happen (often this can be a feeling of inexplicable dread or doom)
Claircognizance or Knowing- the empathic ability to feel what needs to be done in any given circumstance, often accompanied by a feeling of peace and calm, even in the midst of a crisis

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