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I don't know about that Meeps. It is good that you are aware of obsessive tendencies. It might be best for you to concentrate on yourself, learn how to be complete within yourself. If you try to develop a friendship, take it very slowly. Maybe it is some kind of call but that doesn't necessarily mean the other person feels it. It is possible that it is only a developing obsession on your part. Just take it easy around that person and let things come to light naturally. Obsessions are nasty but often pass as quickly as they arise.

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First off, don't worry about the labels other people hold of you, there is nothing you can do about it. I believe souls are united here to assist one another, and by doing so, help everyone else. The most important thing in any relationship, friendship, etc. is to be honest. Try asking her if she'd like to go to lunch. I have an idea she may be feeling a "pull" too. Simply enjoy light conversation, and see where it leads. If you feel you must inform her, make clear your feelings. Let me know how things go.

P.S. I have one of these soul-connected friendships. Its a true blessing for us both.


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