Natures signs

3 years ago
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I find myself during meditation and dreams that I'm in forest clearing covered in snow under the full moon but the spiritual atmosphere is very powerful and it feels like adrenaline coursing through me and I find it to be same in reality when ever I'm in forest or out in the snow or in the presence of the full moon I feel a surge of spiritual energy flow through me. But I have never been able to find out why. All I know is how if feels its invigorating and I feel free and even at peace like a door just opened but on the other side since I don't know what's going on I tend to become frightened and overwhelmed by the intensity of the spiritual energy I feel and how heightened my senses and abilities nature w I lose some sense of control and feel vulnerable but like an addicting high which I bet sound weird probably. But keep taking it in until I can't take it anymore or I sense something very dark coming I'm not sure what this is and its been like this since I was little I've always been drawn to the moon and loved winter and had sense belonging with nature all in a spiritual sense does anyone know what this could be
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