Bill Walker
Bill Walker
4 years ago
742 posts

You're an Empath with certain psychic abilities that are deepening as you get older. You also sound like you are developing some psychic medium abilities whether you like it or not! If that is true, and I believe it is, spirits will know it and be drawn to you for whatever purpose it is they might need. In some cases they might want you to pass along a message and in others they might just want reassurance that you are aware of them. In almost every case these spirits can be guided to the light if they have not passed over yet and that should be what you try and convince them to do whenever you can. I am not a medium but I can open the doorway in an astral dream state and have done so on a couple of occasions. In most cases the doorway is always there they, the spirits, have just forgotten to look for it which is where you can help! I'm pretty sure by what you have said that you do possess the ability to also open this doorway if wanted to.

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