I think that I am affecting the rainfall/thunderstorm activity in my neighborhood!!!!!

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Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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Does anyone else here on the EC feel that they can and do have control over and effect the climate and precipitation where they live?

I feel like I am always at odds with the weather, especially rain and thunderstorms, which I feel as migraines, anxiety and huge electrical pulses throughout my entire body - I can almost always tell when we are going to get thunderstorms-the chakras in my hands and feet become hot, almost achy and full of pins and needles.

Lately, mostly just as an experiment I have been trying to stall the rain for a few hours when I have seen storm fronts moving in and have also been sending Reiki to thunderstorms to correct the imbalance that causes the thunder/lightning to make it safer for all of the horses, cows, trees, etc. in my area that are outside in storms. Where I live is considered the "lightning capital of the world" and concerns me. I learned this unfortunate fact after I moved here.

I have noticed that the couple of times that I have sent Reiki to the thunderstorms, the thunder has stopped within 5-10 minutes!!!!

When I was trying to stall the rain for a few hours, it worked probably about 4 out of 5 times, several consecutive days in a row and then we started having a drought for a few weeks, just in the part of my town near my neighborhood!

I'm not speculating that I single handedly caused all of this, but I feel that I may have somehow influenced these weather patterns; I also feel the need to mention that, while I have been doing this, I have been experiencing more numerical synchronicities but less ear ringing.

Does this sort of thing happen to others on here?!

If so, what are you supposed to do with this ability? Can you use it remotely to send rains to areas with droughts, stop rains where there are floods, etc.?

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Nocturne's Angel
2 years ago
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Hi :)

You can use it to send your energy into the collective (as you have been) with others who do the same thing (helping to heal the planet so to speak)

Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
184 posts

Thank you, NA:)

I guess I have been getting a little anxious and rattled lately ~

Thank You!



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