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It seems this has improved greatly. I no longer become ill. I even sprained my ankle terribly. Rather than a week it took two days to heal.Then this other ability I have been working on seems to work. I'll expand myself into a giant to protect my area when I sleep. I use this same technique at any place I go to. When I make it my size I'm fully protected, sometimes too full of energy.Recently I went to find my older selves. I found most, including my greater half, but there is one that is hiding and waiting. I can sense it. Every now and then it disturbs my natural balance. For instance I may suddenly have an urge to do something ridiculous and I have no control even if it is dangerous. This is the part I want to control since it has great power in the physical world. When I am cornered with no where to run this side is unleashed and what will happen is not in my control, and I may feel sorry and help once it is gone. It has it's rules, yet family and friends can control it and stop it. Then I return and so do the emotions.
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