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Anyone here claircognizant?

I come from a Christian background and for a long time my family would say I had the gift of "discernment". I'm a little more claircognizant than clairsentient and I sometimes I get mental pictures in my head of a situation and I find it easy to interpret it due to my natural knowing of what it means. I think for a long time this is what contributed to my self-doubt. If it's just a thought or a flash of insight as opposed to a strong gut feeling or a vibration in my rib cage or heart area (which is often what people talk about and what I seldom get), it was easier for me to shake it off as being "all in my head" until it proved true. The joke I always give to my family is, "A prophet has no honor in her own home." lol

For a long time I associated being "psychic" with being clairvoyant only. And so I didn't really take time to appreciate the gifts I did have; thus, making it even harder to trust myself. I think if you're claircognizant then it's a little bit harder to learn to trust the information you do get because you're not getting information in the form of dreams, visions, vibrations, sights, sounds, smells, etc. You just kind of "know" and there's no real warning you just get it. In high school, I use to be a counselor for a lot of people because I just knew things about situations that I hadn't even personally been through let alone felt a connection to. I just knew stuff. But I often found that it was hard to get insight into my own life situations, particularly with the opposite sex, because I couldn't seem to trust myself enough to make the right decision for me.

What I've learned is that writing helps. If something is preoccupying my mind or if I feel something stirring inside of me, I grab my computer or a pen and paper and start writing. It's funny because I've always done this, even as a little kid but I didn't understand what I was doing at the time. I just knew I had to jot whatever was coming to me down because I felt inspired. If I need confirmation on something that has nothing to do with anything going on in my current situation, or I find myself asking. "why am I curious about this?", I google it. Above all, I think the biggest thing for me was gaining enough experience to learn to trust the information that was coming to me and how it came to me. And really, it's quite natural and often so simple and subtle that we miss it, especially if it doesn't feel like, "overwhelm" and is happening on a daily basis it's really easy to take it for granted. The information I get feels like inspiration, a realization, or like a flash of insight. Sometimes I get a quick flash picture and I can tell an entire story from it and I know exactly what's going on. Bing,bam, boom! It can be very quick and very easy to miss if you're looking for something other than what you already have (like I was).

For those of you who think you are claircognizant, try writing or talking to yourself out loud. I think the more you do it the easier it becomes to discern your own thoughts with the information that's coming from a higher and somewhat clearer place and eventually it'll be easier to remain aligned with and connected to that knowledge. If you're like me and you are both claircognizant and clairsentient, then start by taking some time to yourself so you can sift through your emotions vs others' (change your scenery, do something new, mix it up a bit) and combine that with your writing and self-conversations. Doing that helps to reduce the amount of confusion you feel and like a friend of mine said, "eventually everything just lines up." And you're going to need your confidence. Developing this gift requires that you trust yourself completely because the information you receive requires faith. But you'll be a stronger person for it.

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