Blocked chakras.

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Hello everybody,

My name is elad and I am an empath for some time. I get alot of help from bing that im sure you all know.

I cant meditate and see thing beyond the "real world" and i pretty sure this is because my chakras are blocked.

do you have a way to open the chakras? I will glad to get help.

Have a nice week,


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I always liked Grumpy Bear too. Perhaps you are trying too hard to meditate? It doesn't have to be a chore. Try YouTube, they have music set to different Hertz, or the Solfeggio frequencies. Just sit quietly, and listen to each note, or the hum in the background. While you do this, try to clear each thought as it comes up. I know our ego-mind hates to be still. When I meditate, and my mind won't stop, I have a trick. As each thought comes up, I acknowledge it, as if to say, "yes, I see you, and am glad you came," then I turn my attention away from that thought. I focus on the tone, or music I am hearing, instead. Always use headphones because you get a better experience. Hope this helps...May You Be Blessed

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I use youtube a lot for musical meditations. There are some nice ones for opening chakras. I started using crystals lately and that has helped a bunch. If you don't like the meditation just find one you do like :) There's tons!


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