Psychic Development Workshop: Cleansing, Clearing, Grounding

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Note: This discussion thread is part of a series. Find the index for the series here.

Folks, you've made it. The foundational work is done, and now the real work begins. Okay, so the foundational work is ALMOST done, but from here on out, it will all be meditational work.

For the next couple of weeks, we're going to be working on the health and maintenance of our energy bodies. This week, we're going to work on cleansing, clearing, and grounding. Next week, we'll work on protection bubbles.

Here's your assignment for this week:

  1. Read the blog entry for the basic chakra clearing and energizing meditation and do the meditation as often as possible, aiming for at least once per day.
  2. Take the chakra health quizand note your results in your journal.
  3. Read the blog entry for root chakra clearing and grounding, and try as many different root-clearing exercises as you have time for. Find one that you like that you can stick with, and add it to your basic clearing and energizing meditation routine.

If you discover, through the chakra quiz, that one or more of your chakras could use some attention, you can find exercises related to each chakrathrough the workshop index.

I'll also be postinga couple of more advanced clearing meditations at some point in the next couple of weeks - one that my spirit guide taught me, which he called "soul clearing", and another with a couple of options for "cord cutting". If they speak to you, I encourage you to try them. If you don't have the time or desire to do them this week, just remember that they're there and you can always come back to them another time. Consider them to be completely optional.

If you have any specific cleansing/clearing meditations that you like, post them below! The object here is to find at least one meditation that is easy to do, easy to remember,and thatworks for you. My favorites are in this course, but there are plenty of other ways to go about it, so experiment all you want.

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Hi Kami,

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer? It depends what you mean by "break in meditation" and by "consequences". An unanticipatedbreak during meditation is problematic because the mind and body are not prepared for rapid action. It's sort of like taking those medications that warn not to operate heavy machinery while under the influence, and then trying to do something physically and mentally taxing. A person needs to come fully out of the sedatemeditational statebefore attempting normal activities.

A break from a meditational practice may have physical consequences also. Meditation does certain things to our body's chemistry, and taking a break from regular meditation sessionswould obviously cause a dissipation of those beneficial effects. Depending on lifestyle factors,such asdiet, exercise, stress, and sleep deprivation, these changes might be more pronounced in some.

Does that answer your question?



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