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2 years ago
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Why are there so many members but no activity
updated by @luz: 07/03/17 03:33:29AM
Nocturne's Angel
2 years ago
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People come & go over time.

Some remain & participate on a regular basis while others come here to get assistance, answers, get their barrings, etc. & then move on when they are in better shape to adjust, incorporate, etc. what they have learned, etc.

2 years ago
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Hi Luz

A little something for your weekend reading from the Library of Inspiration.

Archangels and You

Throw some love into the wind


2 years ago
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There are lots of new people here. That changes the dynamics. Some are old timers but hardly post. It's all to how members what to engage. There are lots of very knowledgeable people here. Some work in the background.

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