Empathic Mediumship 101 - Part 2

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After you have practiced meeting your spirit guide or Angel you should have a better understand of what light energy feels like. As stated in the Part 1, spirits may be able to mask what they look like or what they say, but they cannot mask their energy. Anytime you feel a spirit that is not of the light, you should be able to recognize a lower feeling. again, this will come more with time and practice, but at this stage, the energy you feel or see will be enough to give you a basic idea of where they are from.

In this section we will be discussing different types of spirits and basic mediumship.

I usually will categorize spirits either of the light or of the dark. This makes discernment much easier especially when you are dealing with the most common spirit which is the human spirit.

Human spirits have a choice to cross over into the light when they die. The one's that cross over are usually willing and ready to let go of all attachments of this earth and begin their journey on the other side. Each time a person dies an Arch Angel also known as the Angel of Death will stand by right before they pass away and will usually be the first entity they encounter when they die. The Angel is there to help guide them to the light. If the spirit chooses to go, he or she will be led into the light and complete the process. If the spirit chooses not to cross over because they are not willing to let go then they will often stay earthbound. Earthbound spirits often remain in the "astral plane" which is a plane similar to our own. Some describe it as a mirror reflection to our own. Though there are many different beliefs, I believe that the astral plane will reflect the spirits own reality, leaving them in the same reality that they left this world in. Earthbound spirits will often hold on to attachments and will continue to stay until they are ready to let go of the things they are holding on to , whether it be loved ones, justice, guilt, or a million other reasons. When a spirit remains in the astral plane they are not covered by the light and this can make them vulnerable to more negative entities. We will get more into these entities at a later time, but for this section, it is important to know that spirits in this realm have chosen to stay for a reason and still hold on to more negative emotions which makes the spirit unpredictable.

As Empath's you have a huge advantage. With our ability to be able to read human emotions and intentions so clearly, this ability works just as well, if not better in the spirit realm. This is because whether they are in spirit or in body, they are still human. The biggest difference, however, that you will notice is that the emotional energy will feel very strong and can become quite overwhelming. This is why shielding and grounding is so important. The energy you will feel around a spirit who hasn't crossed over will feel more of a lower energy vibration. The first thing you want to notice when the spirit comes to you is the type of emotional energy you are picking up. Some may be forceful and it is very important to set boundaries with the spirit. Be specific and do not be afraid to push the spirit away if they are becoming overpowering or forceful. You set the rules for the reading and you decide whether to allow them to communicate with you or not. If you have any doubt about your ability to maintain control of the session, end the session immediately.

Fear- When you are dealing with the "unseen" it is common to feel fear. A small amount of fear is ok and will keep you more aware and on guard during your session. However, your confidence level must be high and the fear must be low. Fear is such a strong energy that to much fear will make you vulnerable and easy for them to take charge of the situation. Remain confident and in control at all times. If the fear is to high, close the session. Your job as a medium is to help the spirits who want help, not become an all - you - can -eat buffet for the spirits with ill intent.

Empathy and Mediumship- The the most difficult part about being an Empathic Medium is our gentle and loving nature to love an to save the lost souls from themselves. It is easy to channel their emotions and pain. You must be able to detach yourself from the spirit when the emotions become overwhelming, no matter how much you want to save them. Keep in mind, your job is to help guide them or work out issues that has kept them here. It's important to keep this in the front of your mind. Their journey is not finished and you cannot finish that journey for them. They MUST figure it out on their own and must remain responsible for their own choices. You must remind them of this and if they choose to not work on this, it may be time to disconnect and allow them to figure this out on their own. Treat them no different than you would a human with a body. Keep in mind that spirits can be intrusive and demanding, this is where you must set firm boundaries. Remember, YOU set the limits and the boundaries. Enabling a spirit can be dangerous and looses the purpose of you helping them and getting them crossed over. Don't let your empathy get in the way or blind you from the goal.

Human Spirits Crossed Over - Human spirits who have crossed over can come back and often will to let their loved ones know they are ok. Many will come back to either bring a message of guidance or to simply be their guide and help one or many of their loved ones on their road in life. The energy of a human spirit who has chosen to cross over will be very similar to that of Angels and spirit guides, The energy is light, filled with love and peace. They have made peace with all of the things in life and their messages will ALWAYS reflect this. They do not need any help other than maybe asking you pass along a message or assisting in helping them with a loved one who is still alive. Not only will you recognize them by their energy but the inner joy and peace surrounding them. I usually see a gold or silver light around them.

Spirits of the light (higher realm) - There are many spirits of the light to include Angels and spirit guides. Many of them are non-human and will always have your best interest in mind. They will never ask you to intentionally cause harm on another person or even themselves. This doesn't mean that their messages won't be painful to hear from time to time, but these messages come in love, the intentions are pure and to benefit you or the person your reading for for the higher good. They will not insult you, put you down or make you feel like dirt. If you have a spirit that claims to be your spirit guide and becomes aggressive or verbally abusive, this is not a true spirit guide or angel and you need to question them and/or send them away. The reason for this is because those in the light have let go of more negative emotions and ways of dealing with things. They want only the best for you and those you work with. The receive no gain from hurting others or being abusive towards them. they have come for one purpose and that is to help. any other intentions should be questioned.

Lost souls- human- these are the human spirits who have chosen not to cross over and stay behind in the astral plane. . They stay behind for many reasons and are not ready to let go of their emotional attachments. These spirits are responsibility for many of the haunting and are often the spirits who will be drawn to the medium. Mediums are like beacons of light to these souls and so they often seek help from the medium. Many are afraid to cross over, yet feel trapped in their own private hell, unable to let go of guilt, sorrow, despair. They often will relive their pain over and over again. This is not to confused with residual haunting, as residual haunting, there is no spirit, it is merely an imprint of energy, playing over and over again. Lost souls are still here and the soul can be felt by the medium. Some may feel they are not worthy of the light. Many want to go into the light but don't know how to let go or get past themselves. These are the one's that are in most danger of being trapped either in their own private hell that they have created or being trapped by lower entities. This does not mean that all souls who chose to stay are all lost. Some have a more specific purpose for staying and will remain until that purpose is complete. all spirits on this realm are vulnerable, but unlike the lost souls, they are strong enough to make a conscious choice. They will more likely not look for the help of the medium unless the help is needed to fulfill that purpose. These spirits are not lost, they simply made a conscious choice to stay. The lost are lost because they cannot see past their own pain and feel that they have no other choice than to be bound to this pain. This pain and negative emotions makes them a feeding ground for negative entities, which we will get to next.

Spirits of the dark (lower realm) - these entities can vary from human to non-human and often dwell on the astral planes and the lower realms. Shadows and demons are considered "non-human" entities and often feed off of the lower and more negative emotions and energies that humans give off. They love the lost souls because they are weak and blinded by the pain, fear or whatever it is that holds them back. These are the same entities that feed off of those who are also still alive and most dangerous to the medium. They become brutal, hostile and extremely aggressive, especially if they have "staked their claim on a spirit and you want to help set that spirit free. These entities are strong in power and often take great pride in scaring and tormenting it's victims. Just as we are all individual, so are they and each will target according to it's own needs and desires. Later on, i will show you how to get rid of a demon without actually battling it head on. Doing battle with these entities will only get you hurt, so never confront a demon head on. You should always use light energy, not your own because your own energy, no matter how well trained you are or how much of the light you live, will always have weakness to it and this is what they target. Shadows or Shadow People are a bit different. There are a lot of theories surrounding this, but again, I have my own and this is what I will use in this class. Shadows, i believe are lower entities that do not have a conscious, at least not like other entities and human. I often refer to them as "bottom feeders" because their only purpose seems to feed off of negative energy. I believe these lower energies is imply that, an accumulation of negative energy that just feeds and feeds. They often start off as big blogs of shadows on the wall or like a big blog of dark mist. You will usually see them out of the corner of your eye and will often move away from any type of light. They have been known to evolve and take the form of people. One common form is a man with a hat. As a medium, i have yet to actually pick up on any type of conscious energy and they seem to be non-responsive. I do believe that they can evolve to a certain point but they are very easy to get rid of. They often flock to areas where there is a lot of negative energy, just as old hospitals and institutions that have a difficult emotional past. Places of tragedy and pain. The problem with shadows is that if there is a shadow, it will more than likely attract a negative entity to the area they are in or may be a sign of a lower entity there. I do feel that lower entities use shadows as scouts for areas to feed upon themselves. So always remember, see a shadow, just get rid of it. Sage is a good way of doing this as it cleanses the energy and the shadow either leaves or scatters and eventually dissipated.

Now that you have a basic idea of some of the entities you may encounter during your session, your assignment is to research both higher and lower realm entities. Understand who they are and their purpose. Get a feel for their characteristics so you can better understand what to look for when you begin your reading session.

Though there may be several realms, we are only hitting the basics in this class. Please feel free to discover as many as you like, but by staying with the basics for now will help keep the concept simple and easy to understand.

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