Crystal Ball Scrying and Divining

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4 years ago
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To get the best results from scrying with your crystal ball is to form a relationship with it, after it is uncovered a simple prayer of acknowledgement will assist your vibration to meet the vibration of the crystal ball and the spirit/s around it. "I ask to be allowed to work with you and will only work with truth, in love, in light, Amen." If Amen seems too formal for you then substitute it for "Blessings" or "Bless You".The objective is to be comfortable and to raise your vibration to meet spirit.

Place the ball somewhere comfortable, preferably in a subtle light as direct light or a busy patterned background will cause confusion. It should be an easy arms stretch in front of you because you may need to stretch both fingers around the point furthest away from you.

The ball is multi-dimensional but at the moment we are going to concern ourselves with two levels the outer level and and the inner level if you study and scrutinise the outer level you will only see the outer level, this applies to the inner level as well. However a much easier method is to use a soft focus. Relax your eyes and don't focus on one or the other, look at the centre of the ball and be aware of the outside edge of the ball, and remember there is no rule about not blinking.

If you look at the centre of the ball in soft focus and are aware of the outside edge of the ball, your eyes will drift into the ball and the outside edge will partially or fully disappear.
Remain with an open mind because if you look at the outside edge of the ball, you will become aware of a skin that surrounds the ball, as soon as you become aware of it it will expand and become obvious, (The Aura) you will be surprised that you failed to see it before. The actual ball will no longer be visible until your focus changes from the aura back to the ball.

If these methods have not worked for you, bring your hands together and close your eyes. Say out loud "I ask to work with you and will only work with the truth, in love, in light. I ask to be surrounded in your love, in your light and ask for guidance and compassion to be afforded to me. Bless you."

Open your eyes and keeping little fingers together open your hands to a cup shape, almost a begging position and look at the ball, place your hands on each side of the ball about 12 inches away from it. Slowly move your hands closer to the ball and stop as soon as you feel a difference to the energy, if you don't feel any difference then keep moving your hands closer and get as close to the ball as you can without touching it and wait for about a minute before moving your hands slowly away from the ball;
As you move your hands away from the ball you may be able to see very fine silver threads keep moving your hands away until you feel that these threads will break, don't allow them to break.
As you move your hands away you will feel an almost magnetic pull, keep moving your hands until you have pulled them to the point where this magnetic pull will be severed and stop.
The space between your hands and the ball is important, by looking at this space the ball can be seen in a soft focus and evidence will become clearer. If this method is easier for you then close your eyes and feel the evidence being given to you, by slowly moving your hands in, out and around the ball the connection will get stronger and the evidence will flow easier.

Perseverance and not endurance is the key to successful scrying, once you feel frustrated with the lack of evidence take a break and come back to it later. The more familiar you become with the energy surrounding the ball the easier it becomes for the spiritual essence to flow. The ball is a tool that should be treated with respect, to make demands of it and you will be serving your ego. Your opening statement began with "I ask to work with you and will only work with the truth." It should always be understood the the truth is not necessarily your truth, with compassion and humility the truth will become your truth.

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4 years ago
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Some really basic stuff that I forgot in my excitement is closing down after. By closing down after, you are closing the veil between the two worlds and preventing any stray energies from staying this side.

A simple statement like this will provide all the protection needed to close down.

"I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to work with all that is good, I now close this veil until the next time. Blessings"


(The light within me, honours the light within you.)

4 years ago
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Hi DW,

Thank you for your kind words, the best place to buy a crystal ball is the cheapest. LOL I do sell them but shipping costs to the USA are horrendous, there is also the problem of getting them to you in one piece. Insurance is not cheap and it is not easy to arrange.

I hope this page will answer some of your questions:

Yes I do readings lol

which oracle cards do you use?

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