Are you psychic?

5 years ago
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A nice easy test with a deck of playing cards. Practice makes perfect.

Remove the royals from a deck of cards shuffle them and place them face down on the table.
First test: Turn the top card over, now decide whether the next card issame colouror opposite colour...

So you are probably thinking this isn't psychic because of the odds, and you would be correct.
Second Test: Pick 10 cards one by one from the top of the deck place the red ones on the left and the black ones on the right face down without looking at them. Once you have placed all ten cards then turn them over and look. If you have placed most of the colours correctly then you have beaten the odds so try the next test.

Third Test: Pick up a playing card from the top of the deck hold it in your right hand and decide what colour it is, look at the card and if you were correct try another card if you were wrong keep going. All you are doing is flexing a muscle by exercising the muscle it will grow in strength once you have mastered colours try numbers once you are happy with numbers mix the both of them. This will develop your clair-abilities this simple exercise is something that you can keep coming back to it will provide strength because it allows the confidence to grow.

Be happy, don't stress and allow the energy to flow.

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5 years ago
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Might have to try this sometime.

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