I don't think my gaurdians love me anymore

7 years ago
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For a little while now I've been hating myself and when I get angry I blame my gaurdians. I feel bad for treating them so badly but this time i don't think they forgive me. Can your gaurdians stop loving you?
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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
7 years ago
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When you forgive yourself everything else will fall into place. They still love you!
7 years ago
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Hi Nun-ya

There is no need for you to worry about your guides as they are always with you and will always love you no matter what. Here are some gifts for you. The last is a link to the music of Liquid Mind. You should start to practise meditation. This music will help you to relax. Just close your eyes and follow it with your mind.

As well, I urge you to visit the "Library of Inspiration" where you will find many topics that will help you get back your sense of self worth. You should begin with the topics "Divine Love" and "I Deserve". They have helped many others find peace and happiness.





You are a special person. No one else in all of creation was given the duty to be Nun-ya. Our creator only trusted you with this job as only you could be that perfect piece of the puzzle. Know that you are loved more than you can possiby percieve.

Throw some love into the wind


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