Friend Who's Crossed Over is Now Spirit Guide

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Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
5 years ago
49 posts

It seems as though a friend who's crossed over may now be a spirit guide. He was a kind, generous, intelligent man whom I liked very much, but we had a falling out. Unfortunately he crossed over before we could reconcile. He was one of the people who started me on the Native American Red Road. He was the chief of a band in southeastern Massachusetts. I've sort of been feeling his presence, sort of like I couldn't stop thinking about him, forquite a while. A little while ago I decided to sit down and ask him and I felt a rush of love, so I guess that's a yes. He told me to find the photo of us together and put it where I could see it. I wonder what I should do next.

Thank you.


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5 years ago
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Hi Deb

I suggest that you get ready for a great adventure with your friend. You now really do have "friends in High Places". This will be a good thing for the both of you as you can elevate your frequency with his help and he can gain further experience in being a guide and growing on his side. It is a definite win, win. The connection is already strong and will only grow stronger with both of you working on it. Learn to trust your intuition and ability to "feel" as an empath. It will never steer you wrong. Keep us informed on how this works out.

Throw some love into the wind.


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