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Cat Whisperer
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Yes, mine is a spirit with no particular form. In meditation he (sense male energy) does not present in any form, just like a holographic blue light that pulsates. Elam is his name.
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Hi 5 Wild Ponies

Your guide was right on both counts as he/she is a spirit, as are we all. We are just in humans at present so that we can have the experiences necessary to grow into beings who will grow spiritually in experience and then no longer need to incarnate back to this world. In essence we are spiritual beings having a material experience. You have done this a number of times over the millennia. I would strongly suggest that you read Dolores Cannon's book "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth" which, along with most of her books,you can read for free, in PDF,at this link from the Library of Light.

Dolores Cannon

I also suggest that you read the books of Michael Newton "Destiny of the Soul". "Journey of the Soul", and "Memories of the Afterlife" which you can also read for free at this link by filling in a free membership,

Good Reads

These books will greatly expand your knowledge about who and what you really are and why you are here at this particular time in the history of this world. It is going to bring you to a new level of awareness and you will begin to fully understand just how much more you are then who looks back at you in the mirror. If I can be of further service to you please feel free to contact me at anytime. You may also wish to visit my YouTube channel which is filled with many hours of videos for you.

1111 Angels

My angel / guide's name is Afriel.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Spirit Guides and guardian angels can come in many different forms. How they present themselves will often be something you are comfortable with. However, when meeting them for the first time, you have to be careful. Alot of people will open themselves up in meditation and place a protection around themselves when they do. This could cause other spirits to come through and may give you more then what you bargained for. Alot of people are also not specific. They dive right into allowing whatever is there to come through, and again, sometimes other spirits will jump in and confuse the person. So, I would suggest before starting creating a sacred space, one that is protected and filled with light energy. Once this is in place, just say aloud, "only my Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, or whatever you call it may come through. Noone else is allowed to come through or communicate with me during this time. The energy you should feel is peace, calmness and/or comfort. If you are feeling any type of fear or something doesn't feel right, I would disconnect immediately. I always side with caution and I expect  my guides to be straight forward with me. If they are hiding, they are not a guide. My Angels and guides also know I don't do well with symbols, so if they give me a bunch of symbols I have to try to figure out, then I question who I am connecting with, because by guides know this about me. However, it's energy that is most important. Once you meet them and you know who they are, know their energy. This will help you to determine who you are dealing with later on. Some entities can mimick how a spirit guide looks, but they can't copy energy patterns. For me, I usually will feel/see something. Even if there is light energy, if they are hiding behind light energy, I always can pick up a trace of darker energy if it's an entitiy that is trying to trick me. Or I will see a black circle behind the light. Once you know your guides energy, it will be easy to decern it from any other entity. If somethig feels off, question it. Because your guide doesn't seem to be very forthcoming, I would ask it more questions. Remember, they are here to help you and if they are not communicating in your lingo, then they are not being very productive :) Sounds a bit selfish, but you are their purpose. You are the reason they are doing what they are doing. They have made a decision to connect with you and to help you and the beginning of any beautiful relationship starts with trust and communication.

Now, what I also noticed is you will have a permanent one, who watches over you from birth to death and then you will have others that come in during certain times to give messages, guidance, healing, whatever, and once that purpose is complete. You won't always recogniz them or know them, but you will know their intention by the energy you feel. They should never come to you with a bad feeling,there should always be a feeling of peace and safety. The only time this may not happen is if the spirit is still earthbound. Their energy may feel feel mixed or more grounded to the earth. So long as they are not hurting you and you feel comfortable with them, you can choose to listen or turn them away. They often don't come to guide, but sometimes they will come and help or offer advice. It's always about the energy. Once you connect to the higher realms, you will ALWAYS recognize that basic energy pattern. It will have slight variations from spirit to spirit, like eventually, you may be able to tell the differance between a human spiritual guide and an angel guide. They both have that strong energy of peace, love,comfort, whatever but you will also notice a slight shift or difference in that energy. This is an Empath's most powerful gift, the ability to feel. :)

I remember when I first  started connecting to my Angels and I asked my Angel what their name was. I didn't get anything and while I was at work, I literally heard someone whisper in my ear " Azreal". I was thrilled!...until I looked up the name and realized that Azreal was the angel of death! Man, I freaked out for an entire day! Then I was reading through one of Doreen Virtues books and realized that  Azreal will often come to Mediums and teach them about death and the afterlife. This made sense since it was during a time I was trying to learn to control my mediumship,and since I am still alive today..I guess it's true!! hahaha.

Anyway's, have fun, take your time and enjoy the process of building a relationship with your guide. It's a wonderful journey and well worth the travel. The things I were are just suggestions and things I used during my path so just posted in case it may help you as well. Many blessings to you!

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