How to tell when a spirit is contacting you

The Importance of Being Jonny
The Importance of Being Jonny
6 years ago
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Firstly, I can't believe there's no group about ghosts or spirits. Huh. Anyway, in the news recently, a teenaged girl named Amanda Cummings committed suicide by jumping in front of a bus after she was severely cyber bullied. Since then, I've been seeing her last name "Cummings" everywhere and I believe it is more than it seems to be.

I am not a medium, though it is an ability I wish I had because I would like to be able to help those still living come to terms with those who have departed, and vice versa. I wondered what are the signs of a spirit trying to make contact with someone. I'm a believer in signs and a non believer in coincidences and I do not believe my seeing her name a lot is a coincidence.

Before this, I was deeply affected by another teen who committed suicide--Tyler Clemente. I felt connected to him and I'm wondering if this might be some sort of pattern.

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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
6 years ago
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Hi Johnny,

I am very saddened to hear about this young lady's tragic story.

I can only give you references from my experiences,

I hope they help.

Aside from her name,

you may want to keep aware of things such as:

the bus # that she stepped out in front of,

the name of the bus company and make/model/color of the bus,

the date and time she passed away,

how old she was,

her birth date if possible.

Look for things to appear specific to her.

If you feel comfortable enough:

you may also ask her if she is present /near you

and ask her to give you some type of a sign.

Then see if something moves, etc.

and continue asking questions to assist her from there.

As for general spirits:

you may feel a gentle breeze touching you,

your clock/clocks may stop and continue to keep doing so,

your radio may keep repeating the same song

or turning itself on or off,

light bulbs may blow out for no apparent reason continuously,

things may be moved from where you left them

Example: Keys were on desk and now they are on the floor,

you may hear a ringing sound in your ears: (to me it sounds like a musical tuning fork)

These are only some examples,

when I think of more I will write then here.

I hope this helps,


The Importance of Being Jonny
The Importance of Being Jonny
6 years ago
794 posts

Thank you Josete. I tried asking if she was near me, but I will also try those other methods to see if they work. I seemingly seem to be preoccupied by the deaths of these teenagers in one manner or another. I will google information about her to see what pops up.

Thanks again.


The Importance of Being Jonny
The Importance of Being Jonny
6 years ago
794 posts

It does. Thanks. I know what I'm seeing isn't much, but I know its not coincidental.

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